Go To Hell

Hell has never been so boring

David is the most boring man on Earth. He works an office job, says five words a day, and doesn't like fondue. He quietly pines for his co-worker, Eve, and imagines a life where he had the gusto to say a single word to her. BUT, after a fatal encounter with an insane fondue fountain salesman, David realizes he's got much bigger problems.

Welcome to Hell. A wasteland modeled after rural Connecticut, reserved for those who have committed the cardinal sin: being boring. Here, David must make a deal with the Devil: if he can become the most interesting man in the underworld, he might just get a second chance at those pearly gates. But not everything in Hell is as it seems.

GO TO HELL was produced through the NYU thesis film program, and made possible with the Brett Ratner Filmmaking Grant in 2015. It was an official selection at the Nighthawk "Screw It, We'll Do It Ourselves" series and at the First Run Film Festival.